Our activities

The group of companies of Lietuvos paštas, which has the widest network of access points to services in the country, provides not only postal services, but also services of logistics, financial intermediation, and electronic services.

Vision. To become the most efficient provider of postal services in the Baltic region and in the region of Nordic countries by 2021.

Mission. To save customers’ time by providing services efficiently.

Common Goal. We are a team of professionals capable of uniting to achieve a common goal and to pursue it in a focused manner. We make decisions on company management responsibly and implement them thoroughly. We share accumulated knowledge and experience with one another. We analyse and evaluate work results and do our best to improve them constantly. Systematic team work is focused on excellent results of activities and allows pursuing a common goal and taking on new challenges. By implementing our strategic goals, we seek to create value for the shareholder and to become a progressively and efficiently managed state enterprise.

The group of companies of Lietuvos paštas strives to be efficient and progressive, so the values of our group of companies should be the same.

  • Simplicity. It means clear and understandable services that meet your needs and will be provided in a professional and helpful manner.
  • Reliability. We are a responsible and active member of the community and a stable state-controlled group of companies, where the price/quality ratio of goods and services is clear and adequate.
  • Availability. Our activities are based on the highest standards of ethics and transparency, so we are an organisation that is open to the public. It is important to us that every person trusts us and uses our services. Therefore, reasonable service prices and implementation of innovations in everyday activities is our long-term direction of activities.

Five strategic axes are outlined in the strategy of the  group of companies of Lietuvos paštas for 2017–2021:

  • Improvement of customer service.
  • Maintenance of income from shrinking markets.
  • Increase of market share in growing markets.
  • Increase of operational efficiency.
  • Strengthening of organisational culture.


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